Dynamics of Fiscal Financing in the United States-code

Hi, I am a Phd candidate in macroeconomics. Now I am encountered a very difficult problem. I am reading Leeper’s classical thesis, but can not grasp anything of the code. Why not so enough code replication about NK on public finance policy?

My dear friend, I am also a phd candidate and working on fiscal policy either. I think we can talk about this subject through email: caoqiaaa@126.com. By the way, I have read Leeper (2010) several times.

Hello, did you guys manage to figure out the code? I managed to get my code running, however some of my impulse response functions are not moving the expected direction
final2.mod (3.3 KB)

You should be more explicit what the problem is, i.e. where/how other users can see the issue.