DSGE-VAR does not support the presample option

Dear All,
Please help. I have run the DSGE-VAR files for many times, and still get the error message ‘DSGE-VAR does not support the presample option’, how can i overcome the problem? Thank you very much!
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DsgeVarLikelihood.m (8.7 KB)
Dvars_forecast.m (3.0 KB)
MAIN_dvar.m (11.9 KB)
ParamPosteriorDraw.m (986 Bytes)
rmse.mat (852 Bytes)
sw_model_dsgevar3.log (2.2 KB)
sw_model_dsgevar3.m (21.8 KB)
sw_model_dsgevar3.mod (7.2 KB)
usmodel_newdata.mat (11.4 KB)
usmodel_newdata.xlsx (144.9 KB)

But why do you want the presample in the first place?