DSGE replication


I am trying to replicate a peper using Smets & Wouters 2007 implementation code by Prf. Johannes Pfeifer. However, when I am trying to generate IRF for the given variables it appers the following error.

Error using dynare (line 229)
DYNARE: preprocessing failed

When I use the command : stoch_simul(irf=20) y,c,pinf,lab,r,dy,pinfobs,robs; I do not have that error. I provide the code with files in case it is necessary or if anyone would like to run it and give me some guidance.

Thank you for your time!

model.zip (3.1 KB)

Your mod-file is not a proper mod-file, but a bunch of strange characters.

Excuse me, I have attached a direct acces, not the file. Here is the correct file. spainmodel1.mod (20.7 KB)
Thank you!