Does estimation command require stat toolbox?

I suspect that running Bayesian estimation with beta and invgamma priors require matlab statistics toolbox. In my home computer I do not have these toolboxes but in my office computer I do have them. The programme runs fine in my office comp. It fails in the home comp and cannot calculate prior desnsities. Is there anyway to get around with this problem of not having the stat toolbox and running the same programme? I am guessing that if I can somehow copy the beta and invgamma functions in the matlab function folder, this may run. Does anybody have these functions? I posted an earlier message addressing this issue.

Dynare does not need any toolbox.

When the statistics toolbox is not present, it will use replacement functions located in the matlab/missing subdirectory (for Dynare 4.1).

But sometimes when there is a toolbox installed but not activated (for example when the license has expired), this can create problem. Please check with the “ver(‘stats’)” function that you are not in this situation.

If the problem doesn’t come from that, then you probably hit a bug in Dynare. Please check that you are using the latest 4.1.0 version, and send us the MOD file.