Does dynare osr assumes committment or discretionary?

Because we are choosing \gamma (a constant) to minimize our objective (here, the objective of the central bank), commitment or discretionary does not matter, right?

AFAIK, an OSR is always a commitment rule.

Like the central bank chooses \gamma at period 0 for all t, and commits to it? If I may ask, how would that be different from choosing \gamma sequentially for each t?

Or osr is always a commitment rule because even if the CB chooses \gamma sequentially, it does not change from period to period, right? Thanks!

Yes, it’s commitment because the central bank uses a rule with a fixed parameter and does not reoptimize. Say there is government debt, which is predetermined. The government may have a temptation in the first period to inflate it away and then implement a stable, low inflation rate. We prevent the central bank from doing that here, because it is committed to the same rule in all periods.