Documentation on estim. option "selected_variables_only"


It appears that the Dynare manual entry regarding the estimation option selected_variables_only:

Only run the smoother on the variables listed just after the estimation command. Default: run the smoother on all the declared endogenous variables.[/quote]

is not valid with respect to the default - as it appears to me that this option is in effect even without explicitly declaring it (in which case options_.selected_variables_only=0), i.e., the oo_.SmoothedVariables structure contains only those variables listed below the estimation command even without that option having been activated.

So, maybe the particular manual entry should be altered.


I would need more information. Are you talking about Dynare 4.4.3? If yes, are you using ML or Bayesian estimation? Could you provide me with files to replicate the issue?

Dynare 4.4.3
Bayesian estimation

Several files are needed to replicate but the mod-file is attached.

Let me know if still need to replicate.

ctw_employer_surplus102b10.mod (70.7 KB)