Difficulties in installation of Dynare version 3

Dear Dynare team,

I received a Dynare code to reproduce the results of a paper, however it only works with Dynare version 3 (as you know, there are some Matlab functions that Dynare version 4 does not recognize). My problem is that I cannot install Dynare version 3! even after reading the Dynare manual installation! When I download the files of Dynare version 3 from your website (dynare.org/release/oldies/dynare-3/) and then I try to execute the item -dynare.exe-, nothing happens.

I tried many things:

-I put the download files of the Dynare version 3 in different places (inside the folder containing the Matlab application, outside the folder containing the Matlab application, etc) and try to run the application item.
-I tried also to install the program in three different computers.
-I talked with the IT person from my workplace and she told me that maybe the file is “corrupted”…

I will really appreciate your help!

Best regards

You are aware that you run Dynare from Matlab? Put the files somewhere on your computer. Set a path in Matlab to the dynare\matlab subfolder. Set the Matlab Active Path to the folder where your mod-file is stored. Then type into the Matlab command window:

Also note that Dynare 3 is no longer supported.

Using the “external functions” mechanism available in Dynare 4, you should be able to port your old Dynare 3 code to Dynare 4.