Different Execution Times on Two Computers Running Same Mod File

Hi guys,

I am currently facing an issue where I am running the same mod file on two different computers, but getting vastly different execution times. Computer A takes around 2 minutes to run the mod file, while computer B takes around 3 minutes. Interestingly, computer B performs better than computer A on other tasks in Matlab.

I am curious to know what could be causing this speed difference, the dynare version on computer A is 4.6.2 while on computer B it is 5.3.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue or have any suggestions for how to investigate the root cause of this problem?

Is the higher version of Dynare necessarily faster? What are the general tips for speeding up dynare program?


Which task do you do in your mod-file that it takes 3 minutes?

The same as computer A, run the mod file and calculate many IRFs: the model file is solving a large NK model with a high order of perturbation.

Could you maybe provide me with the file?