Deriving IRFs for different shocks

Hello everyone, I am new to Dynare and have a maybe dumb question here. I have already written the mod file and successfully generated some IRFs. But my goal is to draw graphs of IRFs of several different shocks (e.g. IRF of 1 unit of shock A, IRF of 1 unit of shock B,…) So far I can only do this by modifying the mod file everytime I want a new IRF, and I wonder if there are any easier ways (like using a loop) to do it. Thank you for your time!

You should be getting an IRF for each shock declared in the shocks-block.

Thanks for your answers, professor, but when I include two shocks in the shocks -block, it ends up showing only one graph. Below is my code after laying out the model equations:




var efc;

periods 1:4,5;

values 0,1;

var ete;

periods 1:4,5;

values 0,1;




occbin_graph logYe logYc logCe logCc logIe logIc CPIe CPIc;

Your question was posted in the wrong category. For OccBin that is indeed not feasible. You need to conduct a separate simulation for each shock scenario as there is no recursive policy function to use.

Thank you professor, and sorry for my wrong categorizing.