Demeaned growth rates observation equation in your Guide

Dear Johhanes,

In your “A guide to specifying observation equations for estimation of DSGE models” page 58 footnote,
demeaned growth rates observation equation is:
ytobs=log(yt)- log(yt-1)

However, from equation 64 and equation 65,
it seems that ytobs= log(yt)- log(yt-1) + log(ut)- mean (log(yt)- log(yt-1) + log(ut))=log(yt)- log(yt-1) + log(ut)- constant Lamda, since mean (log(yt)- log(yt-1) + log(ut))=constant Lamda in equation 65. This is quite different from the footnote.

So I am wondering if I make any mistake?

Best regards,

Thanks for pointing this out. You are correct that the demeaned growth rate is missing in the footnote. I have corrected the document.