Declaration order of varobs

Dear all,
When I run a simple estimation with this command :
_ datafile=data,presample=0,first_obs=1,nobs=97_
_ ,prefilter=1_
_ ,plot_priors=0_
_ ,mh_replic=0000 );_
and when I change the order of varobs, I find a different result ( in vraisemblance and estimation).
It is normal or we need to specify an other option in the estimation program ?

Results should be independent of the ordering of the variables. Could you provide more details so that we can replicate the issue (if there is one)?


Yes of course,
I joined an example of mod file and data. When i changed the order of c_obs, y_obs and TI_obs we have different running. It also happens when i have example of model that work correctly.
This problem seems to disappear when i have more observable variable.
Thanks in advance,
Best, data2.m (3.8 KB)
example.mod (8.3 KB)