Dates Error in Shock Decomposition

When performing the shock decomposition after a successful run of the MCMC (trace plots look good), I get the following error message:

Error using dates (line 178)
The input cannot be interpreted as a date. You should first read the manual!

Error in plot_shock_decomposition (line 184)
initial_date = dates(‘2004’);

Error in shock_decomposition (line 142)
oo_ = plot_shock_decomposition(M_,oo_,options_,varlist);

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this error? When I type “which dates” Matlab returns

C:\dynare\4.8-unstable-2021-12-01-1855-8b3fc976\matlab\modules\dseries\src@dates\dates.m % dates constructor

Any help is appreciated!

I see that you are using version 4.8 of Dynare.
Have you tried with the newest version 5.3? I think there have been some updates to shock_decomposition so it might help.

Thanks, installing version 5.3. solved the issue!