Data generation of DSGE model

I am trying to replicate data as shown kindly by Stephanie in this file … lambda.mod

This is the replication of the standard model, and she shows us how to generate artificial data which is then used for estimation.

The command she uses is “stoch_simul(periods=500)” and "datatomfile(‘datarabanal_hybrid’,])"
This command generates series for 500 periods for the variables.

My question is this: If I want to generate say 5 sets of data for 200 periods, and discard 5,000 or so for each data set, how do I go about doing so in this model?

You cannot use this command. The best option is

stoch_simul(order=1,periods=5200,simul_replic=100); [sim_array]=get_simul_replications(M_,options_);
using the get_simul_replications from my homepage. In sim_array you will find all simulated values. You would have to drop the initial 5000 simulation points.

P.S.: Stéphane is a he.

Thanks a lot for your assistance.

i did what you said, and I got the series I wanted. Just one thing, wouldn’t it be more efficient to repeat this process multiple times?

Also a general question is how can one extrapolate artificial data from a model, to match the data, because for example, data generated from the RBC model does not match the predictions of the real world data at all! A good model would be one that matches, then?

Sorry, I am doing an MA and this stuff is not very clear to me.

What do you mean with “more efficient”? The data is generated from indepent simulations.

You mean you want to do moment matching?

yes, thanks a lot, I have figured out the issue.