Could dynare do the DSGE-VAR model?

Could dynare estimate the DSGE-VAR model? I also have other ideas that we could do the DSGE-panel model , but my math is too weak to do that, so I hope dynare can do that in the future.
Thanks for your comments.

DSGE-VARs are possible. See the manual. Some sample-files are at

I will learn it later,thanks for your help.I hope dynare could do the DSGE-panel models if there would be.

Good evening Mr jpfeifer I would like to know the DSGE_VAR dynare code that you have sent( from the link above ) belong to which paper (the basic paper) so that i can understand the variables and the parameter in the code ? Does it corresponds to (Del Negro and Schorfheide,2004)?
Thank you very much