Continuous time problem

Dear all,
I have a continuous time problem and get a dynamic system of seveal differential equations by solving hamiltonian. So i just change all differential variables into discrete variables, for example, changing ‘dc/dt’ to ‘c(+1)-c’, and then use dynare. Just want to make sure whether it is right or not. Thanks. :wink: Lucy

Most likely it isn’t right. If you have a continuous time problem and differential equations, I would use software for differential equations, not Dynare.

It is true that solving differential equations numerically involves discretization, but that step is more complicated than just replacing dc/dt by c-c(-1). For example, when do you replace by c-c(-1) and when by c(+1)-c ?

I don’t have a reference at hand, but there are several books on solving numerically differential equations that will discuss discretization.

Hope it helps


i think, maybe its better to try WinPP to solve continuous dynamical system.