Conditional_forecast_paths; number of constrained variables

Dear Dynare developers,
I want to compute the forecast for 3 variables in my estimated model. This model features 162 endogenous variables and 11 exogenous shocks. After the estimation command I write:
var Yobs;
periods 1:8;
values 0.04;
var PIEobs;
periods 1:8;
values 0.4226;
var PBYobs;
periods 1:8;
values 1.3690;
conditional_forecast(parameter_set=posterior_mean, controlled_varexo= (epsm, epsa, epsmu, epsp, epsphi, epsg, epstau, epsw,
epsb,epsc_ME, epspby_ME), replic = 1000);
But I get the error message:
" Error using imcforecast (line 222)
imcforecast:: The number of constrained variables doesn’t match the number of controlled shocks".
How can I solve it?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Dynare does not allow you to find the “most likely combination of shocks”, rather it does model inversion. You need to have exactly as many controlled_varexo as variables you want to control.

Thanks a lot for your clarification. It works perfectly!