Conditional Forecast and Simult

I am trying to use conditional forecast in my model too see some permanent shocks mix with other shocks that hits the economy only one time.

I see that the shocks that are calculated in the conditional forecast are loaded in the forecast.controlled_exo_variables, nevertheless, when i take theese shocks and run it with the simult_ command (just to see that the shocks that i find with conditional forecast are exactly the shocks that replicate the IRF that i want to see), i noticed that thesee shocks did not give me the simutaion that i wanted.

For example, i am traying to make that my GDP_gap stays above its steady state by 5 periods, so i take the shocks that are in forecast.controlled_exo_variables, and then (just to check how it works), i use these shocks with simult_ command, and i can not replicate the result.

Another question that i have, related with this issues, is that my goal is to mix some shocks (some of them permanent and some of them not), does conditional forecast allows me to do that?, because, once again, when i try to replicated with simult_ (putting all the shocks combined at the same time) i can not.

In my mind, Conditional Forecast just finds me the shocks that i need in order to see the value of the endogenus variable that i want, so if i have these shocks, i should be able to replicated with simult_, am i wrong wit this?

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This may be a bug. I would need to see the files.

Maybe after some years, did you find the way to replicate trajectories with extracted shocks? I have the same exact problem.

Can you provide me with the codes to replicate the issue?