Computing infinite sum


i’m trying to compute life-time utility function using specification of infinite sum as it’s shown on p.45 of dynare userguide, namely s=u+s(+1) where s is infinite sum and u utility function.
however, there is small trouble. the output is the following
??? Error using ==> lnsrch1
Some element of Newton direction isn’t finite. Jacobian maybe singular or there is a problem with initial values

Error in ==> solve1 at 126

Error in ==> dynare_solve at 110

Error in ==> steady_ at 69
[oo_.steady_state,check] = dynare_solve([M_.fname ‘_static’],…

thanks for help

Hi Alex, In your example Dynare fails in finding the steady state. Shouldn’t the flow of utilities be discounted?
Best, Stéphane.