Compiling Dynare++ for Mac OS (Intel)

Dear All,

I am trying to compile Dynare++ 1.3.1 on a Mac OS 10.4 (intel) from the source code, but without success until now. Are there any users who have experience with this issue. Does anyone know whether there is a documentation for the source code.

Best Regards,


Dear Tarik,

what error message are you getting?

There is documentation for 3 libraries:

The documentation is on the documentation page of the web site.

If you want to generate them yourself, go to these directories and type ‘make doc’ to generate the documentation. You need to have cweb and tex installed on your machine.

Kind regards


Dear Tarik,

You will have to change journal.cweb. You will have to add specific code for you platform. If unsure, just change code to return zeros and it should work, but you will have not any info about times, memory and paralelization. But you can solve models without it.

As far as I know, Dimitris Mavridis [mavridis at] tried to compile it for Mac OS. I don’t know the result, whether he succeeded. I only know that I promised to put something on the Dynare site, but I have not done it. Sorry Dimitris.

If you have time, please contact him. And when you have a compilable code, send me the code and I will add #ifdefs to the code to make it seemlessly compilable under Mac OS. Go for it, you are not that far.

This would be very nice of you!

Ondra K.