Compile from source on Apple M1 without Rosetta 2

The instructions to compile from source on MacOS work for Intel-Macs but not directly on the new Apple Silicon M1 ARM-architecture. So we will need to update the instructions and any help here is appreciated as I am the only one of the team that has access to a M1 machine right now, but I have never used Macs before :-/

Has anyone successfully compiled from source? As far as I see, when running everything (terminal and homebrew) under Rosetta 2 everything compiles fine given the instructions on the page above (with additional --disable-doc flag when you don’t have pdflatex installed). As Matlab is still not available natively on Apple Silicon/ARM I guess this will work for most users. I still have to investigate which packages have not been translated yet within homebrew, but I actually think the most important ones should work. As far as I see, homebrew puts the ARM-native in /opt/homebrew and not in /usr/local. /usr/local is used for Intel based packages. Is this a correct assessment?

So any help is much appreciated.

The related ticket is Compile from source on Mac M1 Apple Silicon architecture (#1780) · Issues · Dynare / dynare · GitLab

Until MATLAB releases a version that runs natively on Apple Silicon, we will also use Rosetta 2 for Dynare. Note that the performance with a M1 under Rosetta 2 is even better than with Intel chips (at least for me).