Commercial bank intermediary and loan interest rate determination

Dear Professor jpfeifer, hello:
I would like to ask if there is any DSGE model with commercial bank intermediary and loan interest rate determination? Thank you.

I have three papers that do this. Please see:

Osell, Shawn. “A partial two sector banking model with interest on reserves.” International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance 12.4 (2019): 309-324.

Osell, Shawn. “Comparative Monetary Tools: Open Market Operations and Interest on Reserves.” Economics Bulletin 38.1 (2018): 459-471.

and forthcoming:

Osell, (2022) ``Interest on Reserves and Forward Guidance in a Deterministic Two Period Model."
\emph{International Journal of Statistics & Economics}. Vol. 23 No 1…

Thank you

Sorry Shengan28, I do not find the ``Interest on Reserves and Forward Guidance in a Deterministic Two Period Model" paper. Has this article been published online or in the journal?

In an article, I want to examine open market operations (OMO( with an DSGE model. To do this, using the DSEG model for the Iranian economy, in addition to the household, corporate and government sectors, I considered two retail and wholesale banks, and in the central bank sector, I defined the Taylor rule for interbank interest rates. I want to examine the effects of shocks on the interbank market (open market operations). Is that enough?

I also referred to the results of your 2019 article, but your model is different from mine

I do not know if it is enough to model open market operations with DSGE models.

You who have worked on 3 articles on this topic, thank you for your help.