Combine impulse response functions


is there a command in order to combine impulse response functions from two different calculations, so they are displayed in one diagram (overlapping)?

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you can use the “subplot” matlab command to obtain such a result. For that, you’ll need to load the simulated series of the variables u r interested in. They are stored in oo_.endo_simul.

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I am not very familiar with matlab, but after looking subplot up in the manual it sounded like I had to divide the panes into subpanes, is that necessary. I am not really sure what my command line would look like: subplot

(m,n,p, ‘replace’)??

Does it store the results in the same folder where the mod-file is in? Because in that folder I have only found a matlab-figure file called: modelname_IRF_shockedvariable.fig, is this the one?


Your simulations results are stored in oo_ . then go to the matlab command window, and load this mat file like this “load oo_” (first check that the path is correct, means u r in the right repertory). It should appear now in the workspace. You can double-click on it to look at its different fields or just write “oo_” in the command window. Now you should see the field “endo_simul” which is consisted of all the simulated variables series.
For instance you may wanna plot, let’s say the variable “Y”, then type this: “plot(oo_.endo_simul.Y)”.
You have to do the same with your other repertory, and finally use the matlab command “subplot”. (Maybe you better rename the mat file oo_ by oo_model1 to avoid potential conflicts).

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I am sorry, I could not find any file that contained oo_ . endo_simul in it??? Could it maybe called differently?

In the Dynare Guide it also says that the file is called oo_, but for the life of me I can not find it???

try to load the file filename_results.mat.

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Sorry I forgot to precise that oo_ is stored indeed in the mat file “filename_results.mat”.


Ohhhh yeah, now it did work, thanks so much. I’ll try the plotting now!!

Thank you so much for your help.


Hi everybody!

Maybe it’s a silly question, I have done the simulation, but don’t know how to load specific simulated variable.
After “load trial_results.mat” and “load oo_.endo_simul”, it’s a big matrix presented in the workspace, i want to abstract one by one, le’t say the variable “y”, what should i do?


After running the simulations, there should be a bunch of variables named after the simulated variables in the workspace, containing the simulated values (with dimensions replic times periods)