Colinearity and sensitivity

Hi professor jpfeifer
I have a nonlinear model, when run the model diagnosis command, dynare said that there is a problem of singularity and colinearity in one equation (labor supply)!!! is it possilble to have colinearity in one equation?
Also, when i run the dynare sensitivity command. it said:

0.0% of the prior support gives unique saddle-path solution.
0.0% of the prior support gives explosive dynamics.

For 100.0% of the prior support dynare could not find a solution.

For 100.0% The steadystate routine thrown an exception (inconsistent deep parameters).

All parameter values in the specified ranges are not acceptable!

what is the problem? Would you please help me to solve it?
Best Regards

  1. Does your model have a unit root?
  2. This sounds like a timing problem. Only run identification once the model works.

Hi professor
Thanks for your answer
no my model does not have a unit root.
I run the model identification and give the following error:

Parameter error:
The model does not solve for prior_mean with error code info = 19

info==19 %! The steadystate routine thrown an exception (inconsistent deep parameters).

Try sampling up to 50 parameter sets from the prior.

Identification stopped:
The model did not solve for any of 50 attempts of random samples from the prior

Hi Professor
I have a question about setting value of parameters.
In my Steady state model, there are three non zero equation, and for reaching steady state i change two parameters by try and error.
Is it right to do this? or it is a reason of error?
Thanks for any help

Given the error message above, your steady state approach must be wrong.

Hi professor,
If i send my model, is it possible for you to check it?
Best regards

Sorry, but I can’t debug every user’s files. It can only provide general advice.