Clearing Memory

I have the following simple problem. When I run a mod -file, dynare creates a static.m - file. But now if I run a different mod -file, for some reason dynare tends to use the old static.m -file created for a different model. This necessarily leads to an error. Is there some easy way to fix this?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi, Do the different models have different names in different folders? Did you add these folders in the matlab’s path (this could be the problem)? Could you post an example to reproduce the issue ?


Hi, yes the files have different names and can even be in different folders. For example I first ran file1.mod. When I now run file2.mod, dynare keeps trying to use the old file1_static.m which then results in an error. This problem occurs only on my mac, but not when I use dynare with my windows computer.

What are your versions of Dynare and Matlab?

I have MATLAB R2015b 64-bit (maci64) and Dynare 4.4.3.

Is there any particular reason not to use the stable version of dynare (4.5.4)? We will not debug an old version…