Cicco, Pancrazi, and Uribe (2010) replication code

Hi, I downloaded the replication file for this paper from Johannes Pfeiffer’s page, nonetheless, it mentions:

This mod-file shows how to use the loglinear and logdata options of Dynare (implemented in the unstable version/Dynare 4.5).

I have the stable version 4.4.3., but downloaded the unstable one to run the file. Nonetheless, when I write “dynare nameOfFile.mod”, the version that is initiallized is version 4.4.3. Could someone please help me figure out how to choose to run the unstable version once downloaded?

Thank you.


You need to delete the path to Dynare 4.4.3 from your Matlab path. To do this, go to the Home-Tab and click on “Set Path”. Then add the path to the matlab-folder of the Dynare unstable version.