Christiano eichenbaum evans 2005 non linear model

Hi everyone,
I was looking for a non linear version of christiano eichenbaum evans 2005 model, could you help me?

Many thanks

One of my biggest questions about DSGE and dynare is which equations I must describe in dynare in order to have a decent model. In Christiano et al (2005), there are too many equations, as well as Smets and Wouters (2002). But, the last one linearised the equations and left almost done the job of writing the code. In CEE (2005), I am trying to linearise the equations, but I am thinking the job is tough and useless, but I am having questions about which equations will have to be described in the code. Anyone has a hint? Like, counting the variables and put this as a cap for number of equations, and trying which one the code runs or not?
Many thanks!

There is no general guidance, but the NK_baseline.mod with its references is a good place to start.