Choose shock values in irf?

I want to simulate a succession of two shocks. It seems that deterministic simulation as in:

var v;
periods 1 2 3:10;
values .001 .0003 0;
simul (periods=10);

treats both shocks as known in advance (perfect foresight). On the other hand, stoch_simul computes an irf using just a one-standard-deviation shock. Is there any way to compute irfs using specific shock values?

No it is not possible



Yes it is possible!!! But it requires that you write a m-mother file from where you input the values for the shock parameter usring set_param_value. At this point remember to declare the parameter in the paramter block and reset it in the calibration using set_param_value.

In the shocks block don’t use the value but use the declared parameter.

Good luck