Check doesn't save eigenvalues (or i don't know where)


where can i find the eigenvalues of check command (as a vector) in order to use it for other purposes?

dynare guide says " check returns the eigenvalues in the global variable oo_.dr.eigval.
oo_.dr.eigval Contains the eigenvalues of the model, as computed by the check command.

I understand i will find the eigenvalues vector in oo_.dr.eigval but it is empty.

If i try to simulate (stoch_simul) the model, instead, typing oo_.dr.eigval i obtain the eigenvalues.

The solution could simply be to use the eigenvalues coming from stoch_simul but this stops when bk is not satified and i can’t obtain anything.

I’m having the same problem here. The only way I could circumvent the problem was to add a command on check.m that saves the eigenvalues in a .mat file and then load them in my main code. This is of course a short-run solution and I’m really wondering why Dynare 4.3.1 does not save any output in oo.

This is a bug in Dynare. It has been fixed in the unstable branch, and the bugfix will be part of upcoming version 4.3.2.

Thanks for reporting,

How did you do this?
I need an indicator variable for the Blanchard-Kahn Condition and would like to “grab” the result-variable from the Check.m code. But I am having trouble saving this variable in a .mat file. Would you mind sharing your code?