Character unrecognized by lexer. DICE model

Hello everyone, I am new at dynare. I was trying to run the mod file from the Hänsel (2020) paper: “Climate economics support for the UN climate targets”. But when I try, I get the following message **ERROR : DICE_Update.mod: line 126, col 7: character unrecognized by lexer.

I assume the code should be fine. Do I have to install something?

Hi pmardones,

I am sorry, but I do not think that this is a Dynare file. Are you sure that it is? Do the authors state it in their paper?

It doesn’t mention it anywhere, so it most likely isn’t. If you have any idea what program could run that code, I would be very grateful if you could tell me.

Please provide the file. But usually, DICE is run in AMPL with GAMS.

Reviewing the files a bit I realized that the authors used AMPL. Anyway thank you very much!