Changing the same impact size at different times

Hello Professor,

Last time I posted this post, I didn’t express myself clearly enough. I will send it again to seek your help.

The ① line in this figure serves as the benchmark analysis, indicating a positive standard deviation of the expected impact on housing prices throughout the entire process; The ② and ③ lines represent the author’s implementation of a positive standard deviation housing price expectation shock in the 1:5 period, and then a counterfactual analysis is conducted by changing the magnitude of the shock in the sixth period, using weak positive housing price expectation and a negative standard deviation housing price expectation to change the magnitude of the shock in sequence.

May I ask how to write the code for changing the size of the same impact in the sixth issue? The impact code for line ③ in my code is shown below, but it was prompted by dynare that the housing price expectation was raised twice and cannot be run. May I ask where the mistake is? How to write code that impacts this part?
hi.mod (7.2 KB)

var e_yuqi;
periods 1:5;
values 0.1423;
var e_yuqi;
periods 6:10;
values -0.1423;

What exactly is the information structure in your setup? Currently, you are using a combination of perfect foresight and surprise shock syntax.