Categories of the shocks

please see

  1.  Government spending shock (egt)
  2.  Preference shock (ebt)
  3.  Investment specific shock (einnt)
  4.  Taylor rule shock (ert)
  5.  Productivity shock (eat)
  6.  Price markup shock (ept)
  7.  Wage markup shock--NK (ewt)
  8.  Wage mark shock-NC(ewst)
  9.  Credit premium shock (eprt)
  10. Net worth shock (enwt)

  11. Quantitative easing shock (errm2t)

  12. Foreign interest rate shock (rft)

  13. Foreign consumption shock (cft)

  14. Export demand shock (eext)

  15. Import demand shock (eimt)

How am I supposed to classify them into different catogories?

I know normally they would be classified into demand/supply / monetary shocks?

And the difference between demand/supply shocks lie in the sign of co-movement between inflation and output?

Please could you confirm with how am I supposed to classify them (using the orders listed)?

Yes, that seems the easiest way to classify the shocks. Not foolproof though.

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thanks , but could you be more specific? try making a list for them based on rule of thumb?

do some simulations or irfs and verify the conditional correlations. should be straightforward.
but in general equilibrium, both the demand and supply sides of the economy respond to the same ‘demand’ or ‘supply’ shock. so which effect wins, is very model-specific.