Catalina OS and vintage Dynare 4.4.3

Since updating my mac to Catalina I get the error message when I try to use an old version of Dynare that I modified to run some Bayesian IRFs matching following Christiano et al.

The error I get is the following:
/bin/sh: /Applications/Dynare/4.4.3/matlab/dynare_m: Bad CPU type in executable

No issues with Dynare 4.5.x. Anybody has any idea on how to make it work?

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@HoutanBastani Do you have a clue?

Unfortunately no. I have not updated to Catalina (and don’t intend to for several months because it often takes time to work out the initial bugs of a new OS) and as Dynare 4.4 was compiled against the libraries of an older system, it doesn’t surprise me that it doesn’t work. @c_cantore Why don’t you want to use Dynare 4.5?

Thanks, that is what I suspected. Is just that I have a version of 4.4.3 modified in a few places to do Bayesian IRF matching instead of full info likelihood estimation. But it will probably take less time to do the same on 4.5 then figure it out what is the issue between catalina and 4.4.3