Capital control

Hi everyone
I am trying to introduce capital controls in the two-country model using Chang et al.(2015).
But when I change the parameter values, capital account opening and capital control, the results are the same, there is no change. It seems that the introduced capital control does not work, do you know what causes this?
Will appreciate any advice.

Here are the revised UIP conditions of the two countries. Specifically, I introduced capital controls based on Chang(2015) in my home country, and changed the value of parameter “omegah_h” to indicate different capital account openness degrees, while foreign countries did not introduce capital control.

home UIP condition
foreign UIP condition

% home UIP condition
r_h-r_f = de(+1)+omegah_h * psi_ba_h * psi_h;
% foreign UIP condition
-de(+1)= r_f - r_h - chi_B*b_f;

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Maybe post the code here and explain more about what exactly you are trying to do?

@VS19 Thank you for your advice. I have revised the problem again.

Without the codes, it is impossible to tell what is going on.

Sorry professor, this is the setting and dynare code of my family department. Could you please check why the capital control does not work? Thank you very much.

code1.mod (7.2 KB)
two-country model——Households.pdf (1.0 MB)

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When plotting the variables involved in the home UIP equation, there are obvious differences when altering omegah_h.