Can not run the CF97.mod file

CF97.mod (3.1 KB)

Hi, last year I run the CF97.mod file successfully, but this time it doesn’t work. I would appreciate a lot if someone could let me know what’s the problem

Do you use Dynare 6 or other version ?

I can run this model in my computer without any problem. Although some of the residuals are not zero.

I can run this model with Dynare 6 and MATLAB 2020a in my laptop without any problem with order=1 and order=2 and order=5 in simulation command.

I added resid; and model_diagnostics; to the model.

I use Dynare 6 and MATLAB 2023b.

Hi, I randomly run another file which I find from this forum, and I find the same problem: "warning: can not find the path: C:\dynare\6.0\matlab..\mex\matlab "

Hi, I have solved this problem. When installing the dynare toolbox, I didn’t install the mex part. Thanks a lot for your help!!!