Can not load value of parameter into steadyfile

Hallo everyone

Could someone help me to detect my problem?
My model can not run with steady file. I do not know what happen? (29.4 KB)

If you use parameters named like internal Matlab functions (e.g. mu) they must be known to Matlab functions. Either rename them or add a dummy statement like mu=0 before

%% Here I load the values of the deep parameters in a loop.
NumberOfParameters = M_.param_nbr;                            % Number of deep parameters.
for i = 1:NumberOfParameters                                  % Loop...
  paramname = deblank(M_.param_names(i,:));                   %    Get the name of parameter i. 
  eval([ paramname ' = M_.params(' int2str(i) ');']);         %    Get the value of parameter i.

That will announce to Matlab that mu is a variable before actually setting it.

Dear Prof. Pfeifer

I got it

Thank you so much for that