Can not find the steady state

Hi jpfeifer, I am trying to replicate one model in dynare but I cann’t find the SS. I am not certain whether I put the reluctant function(miss other neccessary function) or I just give the wrong initial values. Could you render me some methods to test. At the same time, I calculate the initial values by other independent programe, I wonder whether I can calculate them in dynare. Thx to your help!!
unlinear.mod (6.82 KB)


with the most recent unstable version and the steady state will be found. However, there is still another issue. The Blanchard-Kahn conditions are not satisfied and your model has three unit roots.

Thank for the help! By the way ,Can I solve the steady state in DYNARE ?

it’s the command for dynare.

"The steady option accepts a solve_algo option for choosing the nonlinear solver for the steady state. This option can take the following values:

solve_algo=0: uses fsolve
solve_algo=1: uses Dynare’s own nonlinear equation solver
solve_algo=2: splits the model into recursive blocks and solves each block in turn
solve_algo=3: Chris Sims’ solver
solve_algo=4: similar to value 2, except that it deals differently with nearly singular Jacobian
solve_algo=5: Newton algorithm with a sparse Gaussian elimination (SPE)
solve_algo=6: Newton algorithm with a sparse LU solver at each iteration
solve_algo=7: Newton algorithm with a Generalized Minimal Residual (GMRES) solver at each iteration
solve_algo=8: Newton algorithm with a Stabilized Bi-Conjugate Gradient (BICGSTAB) solver at each iteration " … omputation