Can not find steady state

Aksoy_For_Dynare.mod (6.6 KB)

Hello, I am a Dynare beginer. I am trying to solve a DSGE model of Aksoy et. al “Demographic Structure and Macroeconomic Trends (2019 AER)”, but can not find a steady state with dynare, while I got algebraic steady state solution using Matlab symbolic tools. I can not find it even though I set the initial values close to the algeriaic steady state values I got.

Additionally, I wonder how this code might be solved by dynare, because it has 50 equations and forward looking variables more than 10, and some value function style equations with varying discount rates. I wish to know whether my codes is grammatically correct and solvable in dynare program.

Please help me…

Why don’t you use the official replication files?

I can not find it. Should I personally ask the authors to provide it?

It’s in the data appendix at

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Oh, my God. Thank you very much.