Can I use fsolve in mod file and the estimation will update it?

I use the fixed parameters and estimated parameters with fsolve to get the values of some parameters which are not the steady state variables. I wonder if the estimation will update the x from the fsolve and the parameters mc_ss, klmss, and so on.

I read the manual about the m file to solve the steady state and the parameter transformation. I doubt my code will not do the right estimation.

If you did not put that code in a steady state file, there will be no updating.

Thank you, professor.
But when I use the steady state file, it reports it cannot recognize the variable in the model while I can find the var name just like “ltotal” in the “M_.endo_names”. If I delete these lines which use endogenous var name, it can work but I wonder why this issue happens and how to solve it.

It means that ltotal was not assigned a value in your steady state file.

Got it, thank you.