Can I put all model equations into Dynare?

I am trying to replicate one of Mark Gertler’s papers, but I have never used Dynare and am extremely confused. He lists like 40 equations, and only solves for 10 variables, but I have no idea how to narrow his model down to 10 comprehensive equations. Can I just put all of the equations he lists in his model section into dynare and have it spit out the impulse response functions?

I know this isn’t ideal but computational time is not really a limiting factor in this case. If I must only include 10 equations, is there any advice on how to figure out how?

If I am not mistaken, you need to have as many equations as variables so as to have a closed system. Which paper are you referring?

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One of his new ones. Oil Prices, Monetary Policy, and Inflation Surges

As @DiegoHidaFl mentions, you need to identify the 10 equations that determine the 10 variables you are interested in. You must not enter redundant equations as they will cause singularities.

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