Can I compute the diference between welfare and welfare steady state?

Dear professor,
I am computing the optimal monetary policy based on welfare maximization. I have two policy regimes. welfare_I and welfare_II denote the welfare of two models. And welfare_steady_I and welfare_steady_II denote the steady-state welfare values of two models.
I define
Dwelfare_I =welfare_I - welfare_steady_I;
Dwelfare_II =welfare_II - welfare_steady_II;

 Then I define

delta = (Dwelfare_II - Dwelfare_I) / Dwelfare_I;

My problem is, can ‘delta’ measure the welfare improvement effect of regime II over regime I?

You can, but the number does not have a good interpretation. That is why people measure welfare improvements in consumption-equivalent units.

Many Thanks!!! Why did you withdrawn the reply? Does it wrong?