Calvo pricing instead of one price law

I’m asked to remove the OPL and substitute it for a calvo pricing scheme.
I have already found the recursive formulation of Calvo pricing but i don’t know how to introduce it into dynare.

I guess I should remove the OPL eq and subtitute it for the equations i found before.

I have: 2 recursive eq, a mc eq, and 2 identities, and my variables are, \pi_f \widetilde{p} mc_t and both recursive variable and 3 parameters \theta (price rigidites) \epsilon and y*

How should i do this? I have been trying unsucessfully

  1. Please do not cross-post. See Help with dynare, SS block not working, perhaps sth wrong with code
  2. You can add \LaTeX-code in the forum by enclosing it in Dollar signs