Calib_smoother problem

Hi everyone,

It is my first time posting in this new Dynare forum (I used to use the old forum a decade ago…)

Here is the problem: I want to calculate the unobservables of a calibrated model, so go for “calib_smoother”. However, what I have got is the following error:

I have done my homework but didn’t find any previous issues like this. So thank you in anticipation.


Hi, I would need to see the codes. This looks like a bug.

Dear jpfeifer, after some toils and moils, I realised that the steady state was calculated but the BK condition was not satisfied, so even if steady_state was calculated, the gh/gx matrices are all empty. That is why calib_smoother didn’t work. I can confirm that it is not a bug. Thanks again for paying attention to this post.