Calculating the steadystate---using fsolve function

when i run the steadystate.m, the error is like this(dynare 4.2.5):

[quote] steadystate
Error using trustnleqn (line 28)
Objective function is returning undefined values at initial point. FSOLVE cannot continue.

Error in fsolve (line 397)

Error in steadystate (line 148)
x= fsolve(@(x) functioni(x,iss,gammai,rhoi,p_hss,p_fss),x0, …[/quote]

maybe there are something wrong in the initial value of the fsove(). in fact, the initial values are chosen according to the parameters and some assumption conditions, so i can’t find what’s the problem. i can’t run the .mod if the abolve problem isn’t solved. i load the .m ,.mod, and the external functions. so please help!
steadystate.m (3.93 KB)
functioni.m (218 Bytes)
functionce.m (229 Bytes)
functionbstar.m (284 Bytes)
codes.mod (7.02 KB)