Bytecode & second order problem

Hi, I am getting an error when running a model with the bytecode option and order 2:

error: `hessian1’ undefined near line 190 column 39
error: evaluating argument list element number 2
error: called from:
error: /home/max/Downloads/dynare-4.3.0/matlab/stochastic_solvers.m at line 190, column 4

It looks that the hessian is not defined in the file stochastic_solvers.m when using the bytecode option.
Does this mean that bytecode does not support orders higher than 1?


Sorry, this is a bug, we are working to correct it and will notify you of the outcome.

Currently, Dynare does not support bytecode with higher order approximations. It will still take some time. In the near future, we will make this limitation explicit in the manual and the program itself. Sorry.

OK, thank you