Bug in Dynare 4.2.1?

Hi all,

I downloaded Dynare 4.2.1 but am facing an issue while running it.

For the same codes and same initial values that ran fine for Dynare 4.1.2, Dynare 4.2.1 now complains that the Blanchard-Kahn conditions are not satisfied for initial parameter values (I am doing Bayesian estimation). Makes me think that the issue might be with Dynare 4.2.1 and not my codes since they ran fine before.

Is anyone else facing a similar problem?


Could this issue be related to nonstationary variables, see [Question about examples in the User Guide)


Please post an example so that we can reproduce the problem and determine if it is a bug in Dynare. Note that since we fixed many bugs between Dynare 4.1 and Dynare 4.2, it is also possible that it is Dynare 4.2 that is right and that Dynare 4.1 was wrong in the case of your model.