Blanchard Kahn conditions about predetermined variables

Dear all:
I recently study the DSGE model including shadow banking , but I encounter a problem when I was estimating relevent parameters ,

v_l  = ((u_l*r_kl- a_l) + (1-delta_ll)*q)*k_l - (1+r_bl)*(q(-1)*k_l/pie-n_l); 
n_l(+1) = (1-gamma_l)*v_l +w_l; 

I think v_l is not a predetermined variables , but When I deal with v_l as not a predetermined variables , Blanchard Kahn conditions are not satisfied ; when I take v_l as a predetermined variables, the model can work on. However ,I think v_l is not a predetermined variables, meanwhile , n_l is a predetermined variables.
I hope somebody can help me , thank you !

Without knowing the model and the meaning of the variables, it is hard to tell. But from the look of it v_l is clearly not predetermined, while n_l looks predetermined.

Thank you , Professor。I have modified the code and it can run.