Blanchard Kahn condition satisfied but no theoretical moment

Hello everybody,

I have a working model that I wrote on Dynare. When I run the model, it cannot find the theoretical moments for some variables. I know that usually this is due to a unit root in the model, but here it says that the Blanchard Kahn conditions are satisfied. Also, the model does not seem to be rank-defficient. Then, has anyone any idea of the possible reason?

Thanks a lot for any help!
benchmark_steadystate.m (2.14 KB)
benchmark.mod (7.4 KB)

Unfortunately I can’t run your MOD-file. I don’t have the “syms” command, which I guess comes from the MATLB Symbolic Toolbox which I don’t have.

For simulation purposes, having a unit root is not a problem. The BK-conditions can be verified even if you have a unit root. And this is exactly the case in your model. If you look into the eigenvalue table Dynare prints, there is one with modulus 1.