Bayesian IRFs retrieval

Hi everyone,
I estimated a DSGE model with Dynare with Bayesian estinmation. The Bayesian IRFs showed and appeared with the grey areas showing bounds in the result in the pup up window but later disapperaed. How do i handle it. I want to use the Byesian IRFs as it is with grey dust or care.
Kindly guide

As documented on Pfeifer (2014): An Introduction to Graphs in Dynare at, they are stored in the Output subfolder.

Hi Jfpeifer,

Thank you for the reply so helpful. I want to ask do I plot the Bayesian posteriorIRF manually using MATLAB? If yes, am I to plot the mean for instance and hold it on so as to plot the bounds HPDinf and HPDsup together with it? Kindly suggest what I can do to place the grey colour or shape on it.

If you want to do the graphs manually, you need to work with area-plots. The code Dynare uses is:

h1 = area(1:options_.irf,HPDIRF(:,2,j,i)); set(h1,'FaceColor',.9 .9 .9]); set(h1,'BaseValue',min(HPDIRF(:,1,j,i))); hold on h2 = area(1:options_.irf,HPDIRF(:,1,j,i),'FaceColor',[1 1 1],'BaseValue',min(HPDIRF(:,1,j,i))); set(h2,'FaceColor',[1 1 1]); set(h2,'BaseValue',min(HPDIRF(:,1,j,i))); plot(1:options_.irf,MeanIRF(:,j,i),'-k','linewidth',3) % plot([1 options_.irf],[0 0],'-r','linewidth',0.5); box on axis tight xlim([1 options_.irf]); hold off
where HPDIRF(:,2,j,i) is the HPDsup and HPDIRF(:,1,j,i) is the HPDinf. You need to adjust is accordingly.