Bayesian Estimation Gali Model SOE

Uganda_est.rar (3.2 KB)
I am estimating a model of Gali’s 1998 book an SOE model. I run first the model as usual and it is running fine with an issue.

When I am trying to estimate the model it is giving me some error bellow

Error in computing likelihood for initial parameter values

ESTIMATION_CHECKS: There was an error in computing the likelihood for initial parameter values.
ESTIMATION_CHECKS: If this is not a problem with the setting of options (check the error message below),
ESTIMATION_CHECKS: you should try using the calibrated version of the model as starting values. To do
ESTIMATION_CHECKS: this, add an empty estimated_params_init-block with use_calibration option immediately before the estimation
ESTIMATION_CHECKS: command (and after the estimated_params-block so that it does not get overwritten):

You did not provide the data-file.

Here is the mode file and data

Estimation.rar (12.3 KB)

You should add

di = cons1;  // nominal interest rate 
dy = trend2;    // Output
dp = cons2;         // domestic inflation 
tb = trend3;    // Net export or Trade Balance 


Thanks, Prof. I made modifications to the mode file as suggested however I still received the same error.

Uganda_est.rar (3.3 KB)