Bayesian estimation for different monetary policy rules

I beg a question. When we use different monetary policy rules in the model, we use Bayesian estimation of monetary policy parameters. Is it necessary to re-use bayesian method to estimate parameters for each change of monetary policy rule?

Yes, as the model changes with the rule specification, the parameters will also generally change.

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Comment estimer le modèle DSGE (méthode bayésienne) avec le packages DynareR?

Hello dear great teacher!
I study the effectiveness of fiscal policy through the DSGE model (Bayesian estimation) but I really do not know myself. The equations have been written: households, the state, the central bank and firms. I try to determine the a priori and a posteriori distributions, the shocks of public expenditure on the different indicators, the impulse response functions but unfortunately, I do not know.
I would like dear professor, that you guide me (if it is possible with the software R, DynareR: I will like to have the codes) and Dynare / Matlab (the codes too). thanks a lot for the help!

Thank you very much Professor Jpfeifer for your answer. But it’s hard to read an article that does bayesian estimation twice

Can the professor provide the method of using Occbin.Can professor provide the method of using Occbin? I found that OCCBIN can be used for dynare 4.8 unstable version. Thank you very much for your advice

Just have a look through the forum, there are plenty of posts about Occbin, and read the corresponding article that explains its use.

You are not supposed to work on estimation without intense supervision or sufficient prior training. I have seen too many cases like this miserably fail. Most of the time, the goals set are too unrealistic given the prior training and the time frame envisioned. We also do not support DynareR

The Occbin examples are at tests/occbin · master · Dynare / dynare · GitLab